Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calling all 'outsiders'! : ) A time to create...

Calling all 'outsiders'!  All those who feel a nudge, an internal call to 'something else'... a reconnection to nature, a new way of life that feels more balanced, more in harmony with our soul, our animal body and mother nature.  It is time to come together and create this!  It is possible...

At first it may seem daunting... how can we extricate ourselves from a global system that relies heavily on mass consumerism, a model of 'never enough', one that cultivates addictions, disease, oil-dependency, the destruction of mother earth and a disconnection with the natural/animal aspect of ourselves?  We may feel enslaved in the 'busy'ness of our current lives, feeling depleted and overextended... but nevertheless underneath, is a persistent call to 'something else', to living with more balance, simplicity, 'common sense'.

Over this year, I've felt much shifting inside and outside... and felt a calling 'outside' more and more - outside into nature, into community, and outside of old systems.  It's as if much of our modern 'lifestyle' no longer fits or makes sense at a deep level.  And it's easy to feel disheartened or overwhelmed, in this time of global shifting -  with the recent earthquake & devastation in Japan, sweeping environmental changes, economic instability, a multitude of wars, conflicts and uprisings, and the ongoing shattering of existing structures.  It seems the very foundation of our modern 'civilized' life is shattering!  However, this time of shattering is also a very potent time to create new ways of being and living together.  What we choose to create each day does matter!

Those of us who feel we're  'outsiders' : ) are really in a position to create new ways of being and living together on this planet - more sustainably, naturally, simply, healthily.  I find when we attune to this fully, we will be guided in our choices and steps ahead.  For me, taking even baby steps in this direction every day feels empowering and energizing, and can include:
  • a focus on the breath... creating stillness and quiet every day to simply 'be' and feel.
  • enjoying a practice of yoga or dance or other movement, to help 'empty out' and create space in the body and mind.
  • listening and tuning into guidance.  We all have an animal/instinctual/intuitive nature... when we become still and quiet, we can hear this little voice, 'gut instinct' more.  We can actively hone and cultivate this skill every day.
  • being outside in nature every day.  It may be challenging in a city landscape, but nonetheless we can find a ravine, a path, a stand of trees, a river and simply feel the wind, the sun, the energy of the trees, plants and animal life, and breathe that in, feeling our connection to the whole.
  • joining a community of people involved in creative thinking, new ideas, new experiences.  Stay open and follow your heart - for me this included joining the David Suzuki Foundation to learn more about living with a lighter footprint on momma earth; dancing with other people in 5Rhythms/ecstatic dance; learning about community/local organic gardening, etc.  Go where you feel drawn, energized...
  • cultivating the practice of letting go - of stuff, of 'busy'ness, of people/circumstances that no longer feel 'right' or on purpose.  Only when we let go will we truly be able to embrace new ways, new directions.  Letting go also cultivates simplicity... and when we live more simply, we will live more gently as a species on this planet.  
  • practice giving, in kindness or other deeds, every day.  Opening heart to share more with other human beings, and honouring/protecting the lives of our animal/plant/earth family, is key to leading a balanced, fulfilling life.  To live within a circle, this wonderful earth community, means it's not just 'all about us' as a human species, but the integrity and health of the whole and how we support that.  Opening heart allows us to let go of selfish/addictive agendas, seek balance, harmony, and move in service within the whole. 
In this tumultuous time of change dear friends and fellow 'outsiders'  : ) let us create new possibilities (anything is possible!) and usher in an era of more harmony with spirit, each other and mother earth.  It is time... To creating with love,
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