Monday, May 30, 2011

Cultivating Balance...

So much about how we live on this planet as people, reflects our balance individually and as a whole.  And I feel at this time, we're being called to master and balance our own feminine and masculine energies, through heart.

In the chakra/energetic system, the lower three chakras represent feminine energy, while the upper three chakras represent masculine, with the balance point being the heart.  As we each embody both masculine and feminine energies, I feel we're being called to balance them within ourselves, and navigate through heart.

We've all seen examples of the imbalanced masculine energy on this planet.  The entitled masculine, at all levels, engaging in addictive patterns of behaviour, disrespecting, using/abusing the feminine, with game-playing, deception, control and worse.  And we've all witnessed examples of the imbalanced feminine energy - reflecting disempowerment, a victim story, a neediness, and a lack of discernment around setting healthy, respectful boundaries.  All too often we can witness disrepect of women by their children, partners and others externally.  Only when we assert ourselves and set healthy boundaries do we begin shift this kind of imbalanced behaviour.

And momma earth as a whole represents the divine feminine to a large degree, and we can see how she has been disrespected and mistreated globally as a result of this imbalance within ourselves (whether it's on the masculine or feminine end of the spectrum).  Ultimately, nature does not nurture instability or weakness (only people do : ).  And so we see all around us, the shattering or levelling of imbalanced, unstable systems or behaviour...  this then opens up the possibilities to create in healthier, more balanced, and honouring ways.

How can we each cultivate more balance within?
I find it helpful to engage in a practice that cultivates a sense of presence or stillness within ourselves.  This practice will allow us to move away from addictive, egoic patterns that are focused more on 'busy-ness', a preoccupation in the mind, and a disconnection from the rest of the body, particularly heart.  There are so many of these kinds of energetic practices that we're all familiar with to some degree - yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditation, dance, walking in nature/the garden (nature is so very balancing, healing : ).  Take some time every day friends, to cultivate this connection to a still point... being present, being still.  Just observe and become more of a witness to what's arising within you every day.  I find this practice cultivates increased balance within our own energy, and so we will not seek it as addictively outside of ourselves.  S
o much of how we live on the planet as people will be reflective of this inner journey...  

So join me friends : )  Simply take time every day to be present and cultivate a sense of stillness.  Allow yourself to open up with awareness to witness how energy is moving through you, and how you are expressing that energy in the world.  Recently I read that Oprah had a sign posted "Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this room" : )  And metaphorically "this room" is really this planet.  And so every day, let's simply become more aware of the energy that we're bringing into this world and cultivate the inner balance that allows us to move more responsibly and peacefully. 

Have a peaceful day friends!
Until next time...


Listen to Cultivating Balance with Irena on Youtube

Listen to "Cultivating Balance" with Irena on Youtube

Let us balance our own masculine and feminine energies through heart. Mastery begins with self : )