Friday, February 8, 2013

Navigating in Heart Stream and Deeper Awareness...

I am feeling the wave friends, drawing us away from our minds to our hearts.  When we connect to our hearts and navigate from there, we move with love, peace and connection to all.  Moving deeper into this awareness and heart space, I feel is the necessary evolution of our species beckoning us at this time.
How can we cultivate this presence?  Simply by moving away from our egoic mind chatter and dropping deeper into the body.  To experience this, please allow yourself to sit comfortably... feel your fingers, feel your toes, your breath... allow yourself to simply be in this calm perceptive state.  From this deep presence, a sense of peace, joy, and connection to all arises.  It is that simple and accessible at any moment : ) 

Our modern culture has become over-identified with the head and with thought forms, and so it can be a daily practice to move away from the busy mind, deeper into presence via the body and heart.  Connecting to this internal and eternal sea of presence (consciousness) becomes even easier when we make a clear commitment to end our personal suffering.  I find most personal suffering is caused by our egoic mind's incessant naming, labelling, judging, and setting expectations (which are then often externalized and imposed on others). The mind can still be a useful tool of course, but not be 'in control'.  Please join me in letting go and moving deeper into this calm sea of presence.  This is a delightful playing and creating field friends : )

Let us join together in this new way of being on earth -with ourselves, all other beings, and our mother.  I feel it is the way being called for at this time in order to create more balance, connection and harmony here.  And it is already the way in which we've created all beauty and harmony on earth.  When we relinquish this tyranny of our egoic minds, we surrender into a deep state of awareness and presence, and are set free...  Please join me in this calm, connected sea friends - the water is warm and gentle.


PS Mahalo to my Hawaiian teacher, Harry Uhane Jim, who has been encouraging and saying, "it is time to start navigating in heart stream and stop all negotiation." 
Happy navigating friends : )