Monday, April 15, 2013

Intuitive Art

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." (Pablo Picasso)

Intuitive art is a playful experience that allows us to see who we are. It cultivates greater awareness of our feelings, our hopes and dreams, our spirit. It can also help us move through challenges and emotions, and expand our sense of peace, happiness and meaning in our lives. Overall, this healing practice allows us to ‘come home’ in a nurturing, playful way.

We can all remember as children, being given crayons and paper and creating instantly. Yet as adults, we often hesitate, think, critique, self-criticize, and compare. Many people have suppressed their creative expressions and sense of experimental fun over the years. Each person’s innate inspired creative channels can easily become blocked by the mind/ego, fear and doubt.
Intuitive Art (drawing, painting, etc) is a way to create art that is freeing, fun, and reflective of our spirit in any moment. It is a radical approach to making art, and has a very simple principle: ground yourself in awareness, ease, and let your inner source guide you. It doesn’t matter what you reflect on a page or canvas, as long as what you’re creating is guided by your inner-spirit. Authenticity and personal clarity are the fundamental driving forces in intuitive art. It is simply a matter of tuning in and naturally expressing what you feel, what is true now…
Simple Intuitive Art Drawing Exercise:
Let your art create and reveal itself, with the following simple intuitive drawing exercise.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with a set of coloured pencils/crayons and paper nearby. Close your eyes. Take a few deep relaxed breaths in and exhale through the mouth with a ‘ha‘ sound. Feel your belly and shoulders soften. Feel yourself letting go and dropping deeper inside. Let go of any mind chatter, and return to your body and breath. Allow your mind to be as blank as the sheet of paper. Take continuous relaxed breaths, allowing the mind to grow still. Focus on nothing other than feeling this space of emptiness.
  • Begin to draw from that empty space (soft breath, clear mind) (opening your eyes is optional at this point). You may draw your day, how you’re feeling, a dream. It doesn't matter what you draw. Simply allow your pencil/crayon to move on the paper - begin making movements with your pencil/crayon and let it lead you.
  • Continue to feel your breath and that empty clear space in your mind as you draw. Don't look too intensely or become attached to what you're drawing. It helps to look away from time to time, even as your hand is moving. Simply allow yourself to move continuously, without stopping. Stopping most often reflects thinking, and we want to move away from mental thought and controlling ego.
  • Practice drawing from this relaxed space of emptiness and non-attachment regularly. You will become more and more comfortable with letting go of control and simply allowing what is to arise and be expressed on your paper or canvas. Your pencil/crayon will begin to move before thoughts do, and with practice your drawing will draw itself.

Enjoy intuitive art friends! We were all born to live and express who we are, and art & movement are both powerful means to express our spirit.

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