Monday, October 12, 2015

The New Androgyny – Empowering Our Own Feminine & Masculine through Heart : )

I feel this time on the planet, is one of full empowerment and freedom for all!   And I can see this consciousness being expressed in many ways on the planet.

Irena Bliss Hawaii Rainbow
I love seeing the rising of the feminine with social initiatives focused on empowering girls and women.  As a feminist (one who supports full empowerment for girls and women), I happily stand with Malala, the inspiring young Pakistani woman and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, who courageously speaks out for education of girls globally. Apparently over 60 million girls around the world are deprived of their right to learn, and Malala’s inspiring vision is to empower these girls through education, helping them to achieve their full potential and change their communities.  You can also support these efforts locally in your own community, and globally through  Here in the west there are many opportunities for us to speak out, to own our voices, and to take action aligned with creating more positive empowered realities for girls, women, and all people.

Empowerment is first reflected within ourselves.  For example, in the Chakra energy system, the lower three chakras or energy centres are considered feminine, while the upper three are considered masculine in nature.  The balance point between these feminine and masculine energies, is the Heart Chakra, and when we come home to heart centre, we tune into the broader soul or source consciousness that flows through us and all beings. 
Irena Bliss heart open
From this open, unconditional, heart space we can compassionately embody and express both our own masculine and feminine energies, and be free of limiting gender stereotypes and expectations around behaviour.  I feel the current fluidity around gender, and shifting gender alignments, reflects a rising consciousness that recognizes that we embody both masculine and feminine energies.  How we choose to align with and express them in our lives, then becomes an individual choice.  As we become more aware of and empower our own masculine and feminine energies within, we will then no longer seek ‘completion’ outside of ourselves compulsively, or manipulate and control others for a false sense of power.  This self-mastery and balancing of our own energies through heart, I feel is ushering in a new era of 'androgyny', one that reflects a more open, empowered, free, and unconditional way of relating between masculine and feminine, both inside and out.

This rising ‘androgyny’ consciousness allows our own and others’ individual empowerment and expression, and dissipates limiting gender structures and ways of behaving.  Globally I feel the consciousness is shifting into this more open heart space, where all beings are valued and empowered to live free and happy lives, and to express their masculine and feminine energies however they like!  And although today we can still see extreme gender stereotypes reflected in the media, this feels like an old structure crumbling.  I choose to focus on the new consciousness rising, one that allows our own masculine and feminine energies to be empowered and expressed how we choose.  Living from this balanced heart space, releases old patterns of control or 'ownership', and allows us to love ourselves and others more unconditionally.

Irena Bliss Empowered LIfe
Personally, my own empowerment and explorations of my masculine and feminine energies have led me along a fun, interesting and dynamic life path : )  It’s included my being a professional engineer, digital and graphic designer, visual artist, painter, creator of Bliss art products, yoga teacher, dancer, healing arts practitioner, Hawaii-lover, and a happily unmarried woman, all born out of my personal preferences and desires : )  I truly appreciate the luxury of having so many ease-y, abundant choices and great freedom as a western educated woman.  At the same time, I see that we can all choose our own and others’ empowerment, wherever we are. 

Whenever I feel fear or judgement or lack of understanding, I’ve come to understand that I don't need to be influenced by limiting beliefs, from others or from within myself.  I know that my empowerment is ultimately my own choice, every day.  I can claim it for myself and walk in my authority, empowering my own masculine and feminine from a broad heart perspective, to create in ways that feel personally fulfilling.  This is what I wish for all people – to be free from imposed gender restrictions that control and disempower, and to live free, happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives!

I feel we can all speak up and raise our voices to create this new empowered reality in the world, wherever we live.  For example, as a western educated woman, I’ve become more sensitive to and aware of manipulative advertising that continues to promote old gender stereotypes, and “it’s a man’s world” thinking, and objectifies and disempowers girls, women, and all people really.  I’m no longer willing to accept this as my reality.  As a person who buys products and services, I’m choosing to invest only in those businesses and ventures that support full empowerment and happiness for all!

Irena Bliss Hawaii Empowerment Yoga
When we empower ourselves from within, we can see more clearly, with open eyes and heart, what we're choosing to view, buy, click on and invest in every day.  Are the choices and companies aligned with an empowered, happy vision?   We can all choose better, whenever we’re ready.  I feel as women, with 50% of the population (along with the boys and men who share an empowerment consciousness), we have tremendous influence when we simply expect an empowered vision be reflected in our relationships, online, in business, in government, and in the media.  And as the feminine is rising within and globally, our own masculine can also take powerful steps to create better-feeling realities for ourselves and all people globally.

These are exciting, creative times friends!  I especially love seeing the fluidity and openness of younger generations and their friendly, creative collaborations focused on the well-being of people and the planet, and not limited by old structures or thinking!  We can all choose happy, empowered visions for ourselves and others, and reflect this in our choices and creations every day.

Enjoy empowering your own masculine and feminine energies through heart, and living in ways that feel free, authentic and good!

Happy creating inside and out friends! : )
love and aloha,

Irena Bliss tuning in

I Stand with Malala

We will not be silent. 
We will not be invisible. 
We are speaking out. 
Setting our words on fire with our books and our pens.
We are writing the story of our lives.
We will raise our voices high.
We are stronger than any fear.
We are every girl who wants to learn and live in peace.
We are every girl who wants to rise up and touch the sky.
The world has been waiting for us without knowing it.
Our story is just beginning and our voices will be heard.
For when we stand together we do not stand alone.
Stand up. Stand now.
Stand with Malala.