Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Journey from Head to Heart

Allow yourself to make the journey from head to heart.

The heart is the home of our soul, a bridge between source consciousness that moves through us and all life, and the grounding, nourishing energy of Mother Earth.

When we dwell in heart space, we are fully embodied and see with a broader, wiser, unconditional lens.  We feel the interconnectedness of all life, and understand that we are all simply part of the one unified field.

This journey from head to heart is not always an easy one. Modern culture encourages a mental focus, promoting endless analysis, talking, judgement, ego, competition, ʻsurvival thinkingʻ, domination, and separation.

Most European lineages have been colonized in this pyramid culture for so many generations (millenia really), that they are not aware how colonized they are. Imbalanced thinking and behaviour has become ʻnormalizedʻ and promoted as ʻprogressʻ and the way forward for next generations, and other colonized dominated peoples.  Bullying for example is one imprint of pyramid culture colonization.  This is a sad reality to face, and take responsibility for, as this way of thinking/being is actually very imbalanced and unhealthy not only for humans and their relationships with each other, but for Mother Earth and all life.  

A mentally focused pyramid culture promotes hierarchy, an artificial, material, money focus, and attitudes of entitlement, convenience, ʻtakingʻ, ʻsellingʻ , manipulation, and superiority and dominion over others and the Earth. It enslaves people in a machine of endless production and consumption, and fosters a perception of ʻnot enoughnessʻ and poverty consciousness.  Overall this way of being fosters an unwell mind, disconnected from feelings, empathy and heart, and greatly limits the capacity for deeper relationship and awareness.

The legacy over generations is broken families, fractured communities, and emotionally and spiritually fractured ways of being and relating. Many families live in separation and trauma, with broken, superficial relationships, and patterns of distrust, mental unwellness, emotional numbing and disconnection. There is often little awareness of how to heal and move past the lineage trauma and foster healthier relationships with self, others, and the Earth. In this pattern of enslavement, the work of many serve the profits of a few, and in so doing create great imbalance with Mother Earth, based on an imprint of greed/fear, domination and ʻnever ʻenoughʻ.

This sad state of affairs requires that we be willing to ʻwake upʻ and shift from mental fearful ʻsurvival thinkingʻ into ʻcreation thinkingʻ, based in the heart. We must be willing to slow down, in order to connect with heart/spirit awareness, and to connect with deeper wisdom, knowledge and practices that promote true well-being and the interconnectedness of all life.  

Circle culture is the way of being of most Indigenous cultures and original lineages on Earth. Circle culture thinking values living in harmony and deep relationship with Mother Earth, each other, and all life. Circle culture cultivates an awareness of body and breath, and a refined spiritual, energetic, and emotional/relational awareness. It views humans as one humble part of an interconnected circle of all life. It seeks to nurture a good mind and heart, and to cultivate good relations with family, community, Mother Earth and all life.  If we look back far enough in our lineages, we will likely find circle culture roots in all of our traditions. 

What is the way forward?

We can reclaim our circle culture roots and make this journey from head to heart. Some helpful suggestions: 
  • Allow yourself to slow down.  Practices that connect with body, breath and feelings are all helpful, as they invite us to slow down and feel the truth, to release and open, and to listen to the wisdom within.
  • Cultivate practices that nourish compassion and empathy, as they are like flowers in the garden of your heart. We need to practice empathy and compassion in order to experience more joyful, authentic and fulfilling relationships.
  • Cultivate practices that expand your awareness. When we expand our awareness we begin to take responsibility for our own energy and way of being/thinking every day.
  • Recognize when you are being more mentally focused, and involved in: over-analyzing, small habitual thinking, worrying, fearing, judging, rushing, pushing...and gently let go, and return to the breath (a full, deep breath). When we choose to slow down and connect to breath and body, we lessen any ʻmental tyrannyʻ and return home to heart. The mind is a powerful tool of course, but in service of the heart. I highly encourage the practice of meditation daily to cultivate mental spaciousness and a return to heart.
  • Seek out community where connection and space for sharing truths and deeper reflections is encouraged, respected and valued.
  • Cultivate relationship skills based on respectful listening and deeper understanding. Be willing to challenge and question your own views, thinking, beliefs.
  • Cultivate relationship, first with yourself, that is honest and authentic, and then with others. Nurture a capacity to listen, share and relate deeply, to evolve emotionally, to heal, and to grow.
  • Cultivate practices that expand your feeling of love for yourself and for others.
  • Cultivate practices where you naturally feel joyful and playful! : ) This is always a way home to heart. Learn from the way of children.
  • Cultivate and value your gifts. We are each born with a special path and purpose, and our gifts are often what comes most naturally and easily to us. Allow yourself to enjoy, develop, and share your gifts. Gifts always grow in a heart space.
  • Spend time in nature with Mother Earth every day - Mother Earth is a loving, benevolent and potent healer, available to each of us every day. Whenever we connect with her - the ground, grass, sun, waters, plants, trees, birds and other animals, we feel restored and come home to heart with a renewed sense of peace and clarity.   

Be willing to let go of everything that no longer serves you...old thinking, beliefs, clutter, ʻstuffʻ, and a worried small fearful mental focus.  Open your mind and heart and be willing to listen to and share truths.  Be willing to be uncomfortable.  Be courageous and willing to heal the trauma imprints in your own life and lineage. 

Be open to new thinking, new persepctives, and deeper relationships.  Become a bridge... into more balance, beauty, connection and love.  Remember love prevails over all trauma.  

Allow yourself to navigate in heart stream, and trust you will be guided well in natural, authentic ways.  Purify your mind and body. As many teachers have encouraged - BE the Light you wish to see.  

I have happily held space now for about 20 years, offering a variety of Bliss modalities in movement (yoga, dance), art, meditation, and healing/living arts. I have been very honoured and happy to be a bridge and a guide - inviting others to come home to heart/spirit, to listen to their own inner guidance/wisdom, and to support well-being and deeper spiritual/energetic awareness. The space I hold reflects that all are sacred and valuable, all are tuned to the same source, expressing in unique ways, and that we are here to dwell and create in joy : ),always connected in this unified field of love. 

It is an honour to be a bridge and a guide on the journey home to heart.  I have always felt myself to be a ʻcircle culture' being : ) incarnated here to support an evolving human consciousness, with a vision of a more balanced, harmonious Earth time ahead.  Mother Earth is going through a cycle of purification... may we flow with her during these changing times. 

May you dwell in peace and love and know the beauty that you are!  Decolonize your mind and set yourself free. 

namaste and aloha,

ps aloha means 'the presence of the divine is in our breath and is shared between us'.