Monday, June 22, 2020


Tell the truth that is arising through you.  Let go and surrender into truth... truth is felt in the heart, and in a space of humility. 

Have the courage and willingness to be uncomfortable.  Do not be afraid of change and transformation. When truth is denied, suppressed or avoided, it creates great imbalance and suffering on Earth.  

Only through truth can we return to our source, which is love. 

We all have an inner guidance system in the heart, inviting us into deeper truth, awareness, and healing.  Be willing to listen to the truth, and to reflect and stand for truth wherever you are - within yourself, your family, and your community.

As we dive deeper into truth, we are able to heal and evolve, and create relationships based on love and deeper understanding.   Do not let sadness and pain, or messages of division, hatred or separation, overwhelm you.  It is time to come together as one human family, in love and unity.   Let us remember who we truly are, and harness our soul potential to live in healthy, diverse, caring communities, with a deep respect for all life.

Truth guides us on a path of evolution, healing, and transformation.  Let us come together to end systemic racism and injustice.  In unity and love we rise and can evolve beyond old structures based on fear and oppression.

In this '20/20' year, many truths are being revealed and seen, in ways that people can no longer easily avoid or deny.  Truth helps to shatter the delusions we've been living under, perhaps for generations.  We are being called into greater awareness and responsibility now, and to work to restore just, harmonious relationships within our one human family.  In truth, if any one member of our human family is oppressed and suffering, then we all suffer.  There is no separation, no 'other'.

People have been living with the imprints of colonization now for generations, suffering from institutionalized racism, oppression, white supremacy, violence, and militarism.  Most of our government, media, legal, police/military, health, housing, and education systems are rooted in concepts of white privilege and supremacy, fear, and dominion. 

There is a lot of healing and evolving work to do, especially for white/European peoples who may not yet realize how colonized they are, and how imbalanced the institutions they've created and participated in for generations are. To evolve we must be willing to be uncomfortable, and to expand into deeper understanding.

The source of all life is ONE consciousness, and this consciousness is unity and love. We are all part of this circle of life, all sharing One consciousness. Expressions of bullying, blame, hate, greed, separation, lack of caring, oppression, systemic violence, and dominion are not coming from source, but from a fearful mind disconnected from source. The truth is always accessed in the heart and in a space of humility. The truth will set us free, but first we must be willing to 'wake up' and make that journey.

Let us continue to stand together and speak the truth. #BlackLivesMatter  #IndigenousLivesMatter #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd  #JusticeforRegis
I joined a march with thousands, a 'rainbow tribe' with many youth, gathered in a united vision of justice, and an end to systemic racism and violence against Black and Indigenous peoples.  These marches are part of a global wave rising.  The heartbreaking killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Chantel Moore, Rodney Levi, Rayshard Brooks, and many others, are just recent examples of systemic racism, violence and oppression being perpetuated for generations. We must be willing to see the truth in the imbalanced foundations of most institutions today - foundations of fear, dominion, white privilege, and oppression.  We can do better here as one human family!  We must continue to speak the truth, to stand together, and to realize our true human capacity to live in healthy, diverse, caring, and respectful ways together.

Embrace this time of change and transformation. It is not an easy time.  Old structures are being challenged.  Do not let sadness and pain or negativity overwhelm you.  Many spiritual teachers have foretold a time of great awakening, when many signs on Mother Earth will encourage people to 'wake up'.  This is a potential time for people to do so and to restore their place in the sacred circle of all life on Earth.  Know that we can walk a path of greater understanding, empathy, unity, and love. 

This is our work - our birthright and our responsibility here.

Know we can do better as humans, to truly live as reflections of our One source, expressed as love and unity with all life. Let this intention light our way forward... 

In truth and unity we rise.  We truly are all in this together, one flock, one human family!  Let us breathe a new reality into being - one of respect, love and freedom for all people, all life on Mother Earth. 

If it's helpful, am sharing some of my learning journey in seeking to be a more informed and responsible ally and human on Earth. This journey includes:  
  • Indigenous Centre connections, Indigenous-led learning and gatherings, books and films, and other advocacy/donations.
  • Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and ongoing learning through gatherings/advocacy, donations, books and films.
  • Hawaiian experiences aligned with my heart intention to support island resilience, perpetuate Hawaiian cultural teachings and practices, and live aloha ʻāina, mālama ʻāina (earth stewardship) in community.
  • Other personal, spiritual practices that support my alignment with 'source', the One consciousness, which expresses as love and unity with all life.
This is an ongoing journey, guided by heart (spirit) and humility. Let your heart guide you on your path ahead... 

In truth, unity, and love we rise! 
From the light in me, to the light in you… we are all One. 

PS  Sharing some links to support expanded awareness if they’re helpful: 

namaste and aloha!

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